A downloadable game of patience

There is an illness, and there is a town. Across the water is an island. On the island is a furnace. The furnace has a minder. The minder keeps a Machine. And the Machine holds all the power.

A card-and-die game of patience about processing scraps of leftover soul for those that have none. Part ritual, part mechanical meditation, THE SOUL MACHINE was made for #ScreamMachine: a jam about horrific machines.

To play, you need a six-sided die and a deck of playing- or tarot cards. Printing out the note sheet is not necessary, but probably helpful.

Because of the jam's short nature, this game is bare-bones and free! I'm hoping to add the story mode (event table! a story booklet! proper endings!) in a future update. If you enjoy THE SOUL MACHINE, please leave a comment or a rate/review when you have the time.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreCard Game
TagsDice, golem, Horror, plague, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


soul machine_instructions.pdf 77 kB
soul machine_note sheet.pdf 34 kB


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i dig this!!! v excited to see where it goes if you choose to build on it : D

Aa, thank you very much! I have every intention to flesh this out with all the story I had in mind while building the framework!